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Screen printing is the most prevalent form of garment decoration as it can give excellent colour reproduction and is the best for durability. This method is best for producing large volumes as it is the faster and cheaper option than any other technique in regards to garment decoration. The Plastisol Inks that are used, have the highest opacity which results in a print which is very high in terms of brightness and vibrancy of colour, culminating in a very nice look and premium feel. One of the main strong points of screen printing is its ability to be applicable to almost any type of garment such as cotton and polyester.

Screen printing by definition, is the process of forcing thin layers of ink through a mesh screen onto fabric, these layers can then be used to generate simple or complex designs using many colours. New garment styles and ideas constantly cropping up being seen all over the world nowadays, with more fabrics and colours being introduced every year. Some of the garments now include organic, eco-friendly and state-of-the-art sportswear.

Now with advancing techniques in both the inks and the finishes created, almost anything imaginable is possible. Our automated and speedy colour presses allow for terrific flexibility, which in turn enables orders of both small and large quantities to be fulfilled, whilst still maintain both accuracy and quality, with the highest possible standard being kept throughout. Screen printing onto T-Shirts is now considered by many to be an art. It requires specialist machinery, ink knowledge, screen producing, and manual labour, which necessitates a practical and efficient factory, full of highly skilled staff members who take pride in the prints they craft.

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